Fantasy Love Chair… the hottest seat in town!

I was pleasantly surprised on the weekend to discover that the only individual ever to have surfed the net and perchance stumble upon this blog did so after Googling the words “fantasy love chair”.

Finally, my expertise in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has paid off! That’s right readers – it is not by accident that these search words yielded my blog as a result, for I have strategically placed them throughout my content in order to capitalise on the FLC’s potentially volcanic popularity. It has been my prediction for some time now that the market for Fantasy Love Chairs will soon boom to levels that will challenge those of the iPod and the iPhone. (It is my understanding that Fantasy Love Chair manufacturers have already been approached by Apple, and the first models of the i-*heart*-Chair are being drafted as we speak).

Artist's interpretation of a Fantasy Love Chair, inspired by a Japanese love hotel room...And what exactly is a Fantasy Love Chair? I hear you ask… Well, judging by leaks from the FLC’s whisper campaign, we’re told to expect “an adventure in art and ergonomics” … “It’s like a Japanese fantasy love hotel meets Enid Blyton’s The Wishing-Chair Again”, read one testimonial; or this: “Call me Goldilocks, but the Fantasy Love Chair is too good!”

It’s not clear when the FLC will be hitting the shelves, nor is it exactly clear what the Chair actually involves, but the guy or girl who Googled it (and me for that matter) are onto something. Something BIG.

You read it here first…


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